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    Wednesday, 26 May 2021

    ‘Aavartan’ Movie Special Screening by Filmmaker & Writer Durba Sahay


    National Awards Winner producer Durba Sahay who is also known for writing & directing several Short Length films full of fresh fragrance and innovative ideas has recently produced and directed her first feature film AAVARTAN, A special screening was held in Delhi. The event took place at Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre this the opening event at Habitat Center post pandemic.


    AAVARTAN has been selected at the 51st International Film Festival of India 2020, under Indian Panorama Feature Film section. The film covers four generations and shows how the journey of a teacher-disciple begins, evolves and ends, and how a new cycle begins again. The motive behind making this movie is to catch the attention of the youngsters who are forgetting their roots. The movie stars Sushma Seth, Padmashri Shovana Narayan, Sunit Razdan, Mrinalini & Gurjeet Singh Channi in vital roles.

    ‘Aavartan’ Movie Special Screening by Filmmaker & Writer Durba Sahay


    The Eminent guest attended the event were Actor Jayshree Arora, K L Ganju, Consul General (Hony.) of the Republic of Union of the Comoros, Shalini Goel and Dr Suresh Goel, IFS retd, former DG, ICCR, Vidyun Singh and Suneet Tandon, Sushma Singhvi, Social Activist, Naresh Kapuria to name a few…


    About The Film


    The film revolves around a KATHAK maestro “Guru Bhawna Saraswati”. When she introduces one of her disciples who becomes a star overnight and after having the taste of the limelight, the disciple chose to move a step ahead from her Guru, which puts Guru – Bhawna Saraswati, The famous Maestro in the state of insecurity and identity crisis. Bhawna not knowing how to deal with her emotional self, starts dejecting “Renuka. This turns out to be a painful experience for Renuka. Amar – Who is Bhawna’s photographer is in Love with Renuka, He even dares to express it to Renuka, But Renuka dealing with emotional turmoil because of the sour relationship with her Guru couldn’t manage to nurture and nourish her relationship with Amar. And finally, they break-up. Bhawna’s Guru - Guru Gaytri Prabha Devi who is on wheel chair resonated with the emotional state Bhawna is into. In her artistic journey she herself has gone through similar experiences. She skillfully manages to cut the cords of ignorance and ego Bhawna is in. In the end Bhawna and Renuka’s Guru-Disciple relationship evolves to a higher dimension and Bhawna decides to make Renuka the custodian of the form she has been inheriting. At the same time the film features the cycle of GURU-SHISHYA relationship, how it begins, evolves, end and again a new cycle begins covering the four generation.

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