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    Monday, 31 July 2017

    TheWeightMonitor (TWM) app brings highly personalized weight-loss solutions to enhance user experience

    New Delhi, India, July 31, 2017- Theweightmonitor (TWM), a Delhi-based startup and India’s first fully online weight management portal delivers highly personalized weight-loss solutions and enhanced user experience through its mobile app. The highly intuitive and user-friendly mobile app brings personalized solutions for weight loss and professional guidance from Personal Nutritionists with interactive monitoring tools to help customers lose their weight the right way.

    With this app, users can set realistic weight loss goals and track their progress with unique Real Time Scoring Mechanism and Food Diary which enables customers to instantly enter their daily food intake, physical activities and dinner cereal timing on regular basis. To make the process easier and faster, Theweightmonitor App provides a huge, high-quality and searchable food database, which makes it easy to calculate daily performance score.

    Theweightmonitor mobile app brings the tailor made diet solutions and weight loss programs for customers, designed by their dedicated Personal Nutritionist. The app enables customers to get enrol with their Personal Nutritionist on a daily basis during the course of their weight-loss program. Theweightmonitor App is available on iOS and android for customers, and syncs with Fit Bit and Apple’s Health App.

    “Theweightmonitor mobile app is effectively designed to help customers achieve their target weight as it integrates the complex science of sustainable weight loss, individual dietary and lifestyle habits and converts it through a complex algorithm into scores and targets. The app provides right guidance, and direct support of Personal Nutritionist as well as personalized weight-loss programs, which motivates customers to lose weight in a simple and scientific manner,” says Karan Vir Khosla, Co-Founder and CEO, Theweightmonitor (TWM).

    The app has multiple features that account for weight loss including Unlimited Online Support, Unlimited Phone Support, Real Time Food Diary Scores along with Daily Food Diary Reviews and Score Analysis, Exercise Tracker, Weigh-ins, E – Learning, Health Calculators, and Progress Reports. Users can also upload their medical report which helps their Personal Nutritionist prepare a personalized diet plan for them to create and achieve their successful weight-loss goals.

    The app can be downloaded from the following links:

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