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    Wednesday, 12 July 2017

    TheWeightMonitor (TWM) makes it easier for customers to score weight-loss performance with Real Time Scoring Mechanism

    New Delhi, India, July 12, 2017- Theweightmonitor (TWM), a Delhi-based startup and India’s first fully online weight management portal has developed a unique Real Time Scoring Mechanism which allows customers to score their daily weight loss performance. Ms. Ishi Khosla, one of India’s leading Nutritionists and Founder, has developed the Scoring Algorithm on the basis of her extensive experience. TWM’s scoring system takes into account a client’s food intake throughout the day as well as the level of activity and exercise. Theweightmonitor App is available on iOS and Android for customers, and syncs with FitBit and Apple’s Health App.

    The real-time scoring mechanism enables customers to stay on track with their weight loss goals by ensuring that the client has a tangible and measurable output of his day’s food intake, rather than simply tracking their calorie input.

    “We are continually leveraging technology to make it easier for our customers to best achieve their weight-loss goals through self-motivation under the guidance of Personal Nutritionist. With the real-time scoring mechanism, clients our able to stay motivated throughout their weight loss program and continuously strive to better their daily scores and achieve their weight loss goals,” says Karan Vir Khosla, Co-Founder and CEO, Theweightmonitor (TWM).

    Theweightmonitor serves a huge customer base in 175 cities worldwide by providing them a one-stop platform to avail highly tailored weight loss solutions and dedicated services of Personal Nutritionist. During the entire duration of the program, the customer engages with their Personal Nutritionist on a daily basis via effective mechanisms, including Phone calls, Skype Meetings, In-App Chats, Daily Food Diary & Score Reviews by the Personal Nutritionist, Weekly Weigh-ins (Weight check-ins), and Medical Report Analysis, among others.

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